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I want to get into Slalom (a type of skating)? Answered

Hello, so I want to get into Slalom.  If you don't know what Slalom is, its basically really advanced skating with cones, here's a good example:


I have a few questions about skating in general:

1. Where can I get good skates, where/what should I look for?
2. What it more important: Balance, or agility?
3. How can I improve my balance/agility?

A few questions for Slalom people:

1. Is there a term for people who play Slalom?
2. Where can I get some good cones? (I've been looking at these, but they're a bit expensive:


3. I don't have any skates currently, I was thinking of getting Slalom skates instead of recreational skates.  I thought this would be cheaper and I'm probably going to end up getting them eventually but I don't know if that would make a difference starting out.

I'm looking at these skates if I get Slalom-specific skates:


I'm eyeballing these skates for recreational skates but I don't know if they would be a good choice:



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Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper

10 years ago

It would be a good idea to ask a Slalom professional in your area, instead of asking people on the web.


Answer 10 years ago

Best idea.