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I want to learn coding Answered

Who can teach me coding from the basic with the necessary tools I need?



1 year ago

I thinks it's best to start programming with known platforms such arduino using C++.

Having such platforms you got to actually visualize any code you dealing with (like making an LED blink) making your learning experience enjoyable.

There are so many sources for you to learn programming arduino since it's open-source.

One those include their forum site which you can be found here.


Reply 1 year ago

There is much experience and practical teaching skills that say you should start with the very basics of programming, learn to break your problem down in a flow chart or similiar, draw an input output grid and ONLY then start programming.

What language you learn isn't that important as it is just a set of commands and syntax BUT learning to analyse the problem and solve it on paper with a pencil will save you many many hours of debugging and programming the wrong thing.

You wouldn't go on holiday by turning up at the airport and buying a ticket at random, you plan, decide how much to spend, where to go, what clothes etc to pack - Neither should you start programming by sitting at a keyboard.

Often your platform will decide what language to learn so maybe start there - there are lots of small cheap microprocessor platforms available now.


1 year ago

Expect 6 months of 3 hour a day to learn coding like "C" or "Basic" or "Machine" language :)

Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Coding is a synonym for "computer programming", and this is a huge topic.


It would help out the persons trying to answer your question, if you could tell us which particular "platform",


for which you want to write programs; i.e. write code. I mean do you want to write write web applications; i.e. programs that run in a web-browser? Or programs to run on a desktop computer, like under the Windows or the Linux? Or maybe you want to write programs to run on a smart phone, under the whatchallit? The Andros OS, or the iOS, or some junk like that?

Perhaps you want to write programs for little hardware, like the Arduino, or ATtiny, or some other microcontroller?

Strangely, the Wikipedia article for "Computing platform" does not mention "Arduino", which is a popular one for DIYers.


Actually, I think Instructables has a, "Class", specifically for learing about Arduino, here:


Turns out they've got a, "Raspberry Pi Class" too:


I have no idea if either of those are what you are seeking. Like I said at the beginning, "coding" is a HUGE topic, as diverse as there are different computing platforms to write code for.