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I want to make a USB data card device of my own. Answered

 I want to make a USB data Card just like tata photon or micromax 3G which uses a GSM SIM Card for net usage in my system. Help me how to make it..????


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8 years ago

Electrically, it's quite simple, hook up a processor to the usb port and to the required peripherals (3g radio/modem, io buttons or leds)...

the EXTREMELY DIFFICULT part is getting the software and design schematics for the 3g and usb right. THEN your computer needs to recognize it as a usb network interface device, which may or may not be easy depending on operating system.

Long story short, to make one (1), it would cost thousands of dollars. To make thousands, it would cost only a few dollars each.

The good news is, you can get them online for cheap now.