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I want to make a simple sound board. Answered

I already found a instructable that plays a portal song using an avr:

I wanna make something just like that, small, minimal, but i want to know how to do it propoerly, can someone point me the way?

I wanted to do simples short sound samples, with a button, that's fairly simple, but i'm not familiar with the audio part. I know i have to convert wave sound samples to hex, but the whole process i still don't know right.

I am familiar with eletronics and arduino, but this project has limited space. I can use pic's, perhaps AVR, but i got limited time, as this will be a gift.

We gona do a potato Glados, with a real potato with copper and zync nails, using a booster/thiefbug as a potato only manage to give 1.2V .

Theres is a similar produt on ThinkGeek, we could just buy it, but doing it is way more symbolic.

Considering that we live in Brazil, the simples way possible is always prefered, importing stuff takes precious time.

I'll probably stick with that avr and modify the code, but any help would be awesome.


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8 years ago

You could look around and see if you can find "ISD Chip Corders" locally. They are a complete record/playback system in a cheap chip, and will hold up to a couple of minutes of "stuff"


Answer 8 years ago

My first thought in the subject was something like that, as they are easily found in toys, but the toy would be quite limited and just as expensive as an avr or pic project that would suit my exact needs, even though i didn't knew this "ISD chip corder" name, i'll search about it, thanks.