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I want to make a washing machine painting;a hard rectangle board with a round board and you pull a lever.How do I? Answered

I want to make an interactive painting of a washing machine. The person pulls a lever and the round board spins (easy version) or the person puts in a coin that causes the round board to spin. I can't figure out what goes on behind the artwork to make it work. And is there a book or online site to show me how to make simple gears and levers? I'm thinking about going back to school to learn mechanical engineering; that's how much I want to do kinetic art. Something like a wheel of fortune comes to my mind. I get it down simply,now...later I add laundromat sounds! Ok,I like laundromats. There ,I said it! Thanx in advance for your help!



10 years ago

You want your lever to be (or drive) the "rack" portion of a rack and pinion gear system. The associated Wikipedia article on Gears gets a little too in-depth in places, but is still not a bad place to start.

(Apropos of nothing really, I hate laundromats. But that's just me.)


Answer 10 years ago

A ratcheted wheel would work just as well-think about the recoil on a lawn-mower.

For a coin operated, just the weight of the coin rolling down a bar on the wheel would get it to spin-how fast depends on how much the wheel weighed.

For light weight use, you could try http://www.cabaret.co.uk/ and http://www.flying-pig.co.uk/ If I remember correctly, both have basic how-to's on kinetic art.


Answer 10 years ago

go with jtobako's info - he seems much better informed in this area than I am