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I want to make a water screen for rear projection for Christmas and advertising. Answered

I have read about having drilled very small holes (16 per inch in pairs of 8) in a line. Any ideas out there? Rentals and purchases are out of my reach on ones already out on the market. Basically I have the concept down pat but I'm not sure about the diamiter of the holes and if I need pressure?


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10 years ago

I know this is an old post, but I'm having trouble finding info on how to make a water screen. I've been thinking about building one myself to project a ghost on it for Halloween. I haven't tried it yet, but this is what I'm thinking of doing. Using 1/2" copper water pipe from Home depot or other home store.
At one end of the pie put a hose connector so you can hook it up to a garden hose and cap the other end. Along the pipe install flat spray misting nozzles that can be purchased at McMaster-Carr: 

The number of nozzles and spacing would have to be worked out through trial and error. To attache the nozzles to the pipe you can use tees with threaded female ends for the nozzles to screw into or buy the quick mount fittings they have at McMaster-Carr. I'm gong to try this next year. If it get something that works I'll post an instructable.