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I want to make an instructables challenge! Clay foundation for 0g Space Architecture! Answered

how do I do it? I was thinking to do it on meetups but I can modulate to be on this site, how would I do this?

(I need microfunding of 5 dollars on the site meetups.com so I can post events around the world looking like this:)

 “Colab Clay Games for making the World's First 0GSpace Architecture Modules! ”

   where: Clay Sculptor Co-organizors around the world choose a good place with clay. There are  “Chefs” that would cut the clay in different shapes to give to the Artists/Creators  to make 0gravity modules of rooms and living spaces, with some sort of tech or texture built in it, colab or solo, at the end of the event gets uploaded to the cloud.

  People are Welcome to bring good vibes, wine and make clay massages to each other, because God knows working with Clay is tough.


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