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I want to make an wireless switch when pressed will give out sound from buzzer? Answered

I couldn't find any place where i could find them in my place and it's for science expo so it has to be DIY model.

My idea is that i attach the buzzer to car keys or something which is very small and gets lost every-time and when i press the wireless switch i will know where are the keys or my pen drive ...

so u must have got the idea..So folks please help me before 18 February 2011 24:00 Hours IST(Indian Standard Time)



8 years ago

You can get charms that light or flash when a mobile is used near-by.

Switch out the LED for a small buzzer, and attach it to your keys. When you want to find them, simply wake up your phone.


Answer 8 years ago

your idea is good i will try it but if there is a wireless button it will be more easier as it should be a model which can be used in every day life even by the people who don't have a cell phone. Thank you for the comment i will definitely try your idea.