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I want to make free forum please suggest a hosting requriments make my own theme, & have php/js fun Answered


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8 years ago

Step 1: Get a webhost and a domain name (domain name is optional) from any of the thousands of hosting companies out there or setup your own webhost.
Step 2: Grab one of the free available packages. Personally I used phpBB http://www.phpbb.com/ a while and it's ok if you just want a forum without too much hassle.
Step 3: Install the forum on your webhost (the forum package will likely have a website explaining that process) using any FTP program.  I used total commander from http://www.ghisler.com/ before switching to fireFTP (a firefox plugin)
Step 4: Setup a database and make sure phpBB can use it, directadmin is one of the most popular admin panels for this and is mostly preinstalled by your host (writing SQL queries manualy really isn't  that fun).
Step 5: Grab an existing theme (there are loads for phpBB) or duplicate the original theme and make sure you select it as default theme in phpBB.
Step 6: tweak away, you can edit the CSS like any other website or extend it with plugins or other stuff. You can also write your own modules but this is a bit more tricky and requires intermediate  knowledge of HTML, PHP mySQL and maybe even javascript.

Note that your biggest concern is bandwidth as it is expensive, if your forum is going to be huge you might consider a medium to extended package offered only for $$$ by hosting companies. Otherwise setting up your own webserver or using a free service might do the job.

However a small hosting package will only cost about 20 to 50 bucks a year and saves you a lot of trouble with installing things like directadmin.