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I want to make my own babouche (pointy-toed slip on shoes from Morocco and the Arabian Nights)? Answered

As a child I fell in love with the shoes in the photos of a National Geographic magazine story on Morocco. They looked something like this attached photo. Does anyone have a pattern to share?


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12 years ago

I find the best way to make clothing is to start with old paper grocery bags and masking tape.This way you can try out several things without wasting cloth. Step 1. Put your foot in the paper bag. Step 2. Cut away the excess paper, and use tape to close the holes and force it to the right shape. Step 3. Embellish the shape with additional pieces of paper until you have the desired look (in this case a pointed tip). Step 4. Cut apart the form into components that will lay fairly flat (the portions with the greatest curvature will require the most cuts). Step 5. Retrace the shapes on another paper bag. Step 6. Reassemble the second set of cut outs with tape and check the fit and look. Step 7. Repeat steps 4-6 with fabric and stitching (remember to leave a little extra fabric on the edges of each piece where the seams will be).