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I want to mess with my friends computer. I can get his IP easily, but I don't know what to do as a friendly joke.? Answered

I would love to joke around with my friends computer. If you could help me out with this would be awesome.



Best Answer 10 years ago

'Friendly jokes' and messing with someone's computer don't go together. Stick to a fart cushion.


Answer 10 years ago

Yes, someone who messed with my computer would be off my favourites list pretty quick.


10 years ago

well, if he runs anything older then xp there are old "nuke" progs floating around that will blue screen him causing no harm, but as for "messing" with him with just his ip, kinda hard unless you know telnet stuff or portscanning him or how to use open ports to exploit him or activeX stuff... alot of work, not like it was 10 years ago, but u can try a prob called "perfect back door key logger" or put pcanywhere or another remote control prog. put it on his comp thats always good for a laugh,