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I want to put an electric motor or pedal assist hub on a 4-wheel Surrey Limousine Delux Bike & looking for help other than the Hitchhiker attachment which is $2k. any ideas? Answered

I own a 4 pedal 7 speed (model "Limousine Delux") Surrey Bike (pictured below) which is a 6 adult & 2 child Surrey bike * I want to put either a electric pedal assist wheel like the Hitchhiker assist wheel (pictured below) for Surrey or electric motor that has enough power for the amount of people I am trying to carry. The Hitchhiker is way too much ($1999)..

Any affordable ideas?


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11 months ago

No idea that would not add a significant amount of weight or comes without a hefty price tag :(
I would first check if there is spokes available to fit a hub motor in both front wheels.
Preferably a motor for a big bike of 26-28".
Downside is that with such short spokes there will be very little give in wheel.
Not a big deal for a cruiser unless you go through potholes all the time.
Next option would the chainsaw approach...
Meaning you use a second set of sprokets and chain with a motor, like from an electric mobility scooter.
Problem is 4 people and their weight - plus the extra of bike and batteries...
You could eliminate the batteries though if you modify some small petrol engine with a good silencer.
A line cutter, weet whack, whipper snipper for example often comes with a free wheeling clutch, the throttle is a bit twitchy but can be made properly adjustable.
With a good reduction gear it should be just enough for pedal assist, not to make it run just on the motor with 4 people on it.
For full freedom you would want a 4 stroke engine with a really good exhaust/silencer on it.
Like using some petrol gerator without the generator and added manual spped control...