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I want to start using ARM processors. Which one should I start with? Answered

It's been six years since I first learned how to use microcontrollers (on this very site!) and I think I'm ready to delve into the wonderful world of ARM processors.  I've heard a ton of awesome things about them, including their reduced cost, high clock speed, usb connectivity, large memory, 32-bit cores, more I/O's, reprogrammable pin functionality, and some of them can even run linux!

Unfortunately, I'm blind to the spectrum of arm.  What's a good MCU to dive into the sea of arms with, and why?

Thanks I'bles!



8 years ago

Buy yourself an "Mbed" card - there is a whole ecosystem of developers out there for it, with libraries like the Arduino. Coding is done on a web based compiler, so you never have tool chain issues.


Answer 7 years ago

All fine and dandy till you lose internet connectivity....