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I want to unsubscribe immediately form this site. Please instruct how this is accomplished. mboatis@cox.net Answered



Best Answer 10 years ago

if you want to do this the smart (boring) way, than send a message to the administrator. if you want to do this the fun (highly recommended) way, leave a really mean comment on someone's instructable. if it was good enough, the administrator should kick you off the site.


Answer 5 years ago

I registered just so I could get a Pdf file on Guitar back repair. after I registered logged in and tried to download PDF file your website would not let me until signed up for PRO Membership. I even uploaded photos of my creations designs. Now I can't even remove my personal stuff delete my uploads. Whoever is the administrator or the person task with membership activation and deactivation I will

checked this website and my profile should not be there along with my personal designs Solar*Air Meat Dryer. Instructable.com not only smells but it Chada nanamo, gi fino Chamorro Cusaka , foynando