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can I wire 3 small 12 - 36v dc pm bl motor wind turbines output into 1 Answered

Ok...I have 3 mini wind turbines ..2 are 12 v dc and 1 is 36v dc they definately put outa shock when spun by hand!

so what I want to do is combine the power outputs of these 3 motors into in one 48v  +supply

A.do I wire them in series with diodes between..or in parrallel?..I hear both ways, but that cant be

or do I wire them all (with diodes) to a "single" connection  (1 for + and 1 for -)

B. what size/ type of diodes should i use on each motor (preventing back powering the motors)

ulitimately I want to invert this power into 110 ac  but with decent watts

any insight or help is greatly appreciated!!


The layout of your text is a little difficult for me to understand, but if I'm right you are asking
1. To wire 10 DC 12V Motors together and leave the leads of the last one off?
Answer: Not possible, where would you hook your power supply to?
2. To Power a lightbulb with these motors?
Answer: AC is easy to convert to DC, but not the other way round. Motors do not supply electricity, just motion, unless you reverse engineer them. Maybe just buy a 120V Battery Pack, lol?
Good Luck

Wait a tick. You are wanting to reverse engineer these, hook an end motor to a crank of some sort, and produce 120V, Awww! I get it, but I'm not sure how it would work, it will most likely produce just 12 volts lol. Steve is right. Steve so wise.


8 years ago

You can't. You might if all 10 shared a common shaft, but not if they are not coherently phased.