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can I wire 3 small 12 - 36v dc pm bl motor wind turbines output into 1 Answered

Ok...I have 3 mini wind turbines ..2 are 12 v dc and 1 is 36v dc they definately put outa shock when spun by hand!

so what I want to do is combine the power outputs of these 3 motors into in one 48v  +supply

A.do I wire them in series with diodes between..or in parrallel?..I hear both ways, but that cant be

or do I wire them all (with diodes) to a "single" connection  (1 for + and 1 for -)

B. what size/ type of diodes should i use on each motor (preventing back powering the motors)

ulitimately I want to invert this power into 110 ac  but with decent watts

any insight or help is greatly appreciated!!


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10 years ago

You can't. You might if all 10 shared a common shaft, but not if they are not coherently phased.