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I wish to make a tiny siren Answered

I want to make a tiny (about the size of a standard watch) circuit that emits a human-like voice(may sound very electronic) or even a siren at a very high volume(100DB or so)..sort of like a personal alarm system.I know such systems are already present, but I want to make one myself(to gets ideas for further miniaturization)...I'm sorry if I sound like a noob, but I'm a student of computer science and know VERY little about electronics(do want to learn though)

any ideas in this direction?should I start off with an amp or a mechanical siren(like the air raid ones). I have very little idea in this regard and just need a start off point.

(or should I just get one of those sirens and try to reverse engineer it?)



6 years ago

A mechanical siren will probably be too big. Pull the piezo alarm out of a smoke detector. They are small and plenty loud. You can even get them at Radio Shack. They usually run on 9 volts or less.


Answer 6 years ago

+1 you have to drive them hard to get volume though. A lot of items have such piezo sounders in them - If working on a smoke alarm be aware they have a small amount of radioactive material in them.