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I would like a delay the trigger signal of a 555 flip flop? Answered

I a looking for a water level control for a swimming pool. I have installed two switching floaters who are giving a closing contact. One on low level and one on high level. Because the lower floater Is constantly going to move up and down with the waves, i need to have a delay, that needs a continues high for a while, so that the condition of the switch, only turns the filling valve on when the water level really is low.I have tried to control it with a 555 in flip flop mode and a RC delay circuit but the results are not good. Set was on contact 2 with a 10k resistor to + and a switch connected to ground to pul 2 to low. Instead of going directly to ground, i have tried to delay this with a RC in series with the switch. It was not acting to my expectations. Is there somebody who want tho help my out with this. Thank You Eric