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I would like to buy a watch phone? Answered

I would like to buy a watch phone but have no clue on a good brand. I have ATT so I think I need it to have a SIM card slot of some kind and I would like it to use a SD or miroSD.



Best Answer 10 years ago

LG has a watch phone with a touchscreen, it works as a calculator, to play movies and as a phone plus a camera! it can pair with a bluetooth headset, and worlk as an mp3 player. thanks to the cam you get video chat too


10 years ago

Another solution would be a bluetooth device on your wrist; that would have the advantage of talking to any phone. Or a corded device, for that matter, which plugs into your phone as a headset. There are a couple instructables which describe mounting phones on wristbands. Those probably aren't all that much bulkier than Tracey's.