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I would like to find directions for adding banister and balusters to a stair case? Answered


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11 years ago

Your local Building Code will stipulate minimum requirements for banister height (somewhere close to 1050 mm or 3.4') from the stringer of your stairs or ground. Try calling City Hall and asking to speak to the people in charge of issuing building permits and ask your question, they will give you what you need to do.
Write down everything.

Once you know the limitations for your rail you can scope out materials, check out your local hardware store, they should have a selection of rails and balusters to chose from. Both finished and unfinished. I would choose unfinished due to the fact that any modifications you need to make to it won't show up in the form of chipped paint. Plus nothing quite matches natural wood grain.
Have a good long conversation with the guy from the hardware store, if he's worth his salt he should sell you everything you need, and if you're feeling less than enthused about the work he should recommend a good carpenter.

Are you replacing an older railing or does your staircase not have one currently. If the latter, care to offer insight to why you have a staircase which has no fall protection installed? yikes!

Hope this helps, good luck!