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I would like to learn how to ....... Answered


I have always wanted to know how to do some small soldering jobs. Make a solar powered torch. 12 volt lighting for my fish tank. A digital clock.... The list goes on and on. Have wanted to do all of this kinda stuff is the early 80's... 

Who and where do I go to get some help??

I have bought 20 x Light Chip 
Light Color Warm White / Pure White
Color Temperature (K) 3000-3500  /  6000-6500
Wattage (W) 10
Voltage (V) DC 9-12
Forward Current 1050 mA
Luminous Flux (lm) 900
Dimension(mm) 20mm x 14mm
Package Included 1 X Light Chip

I would like some help with the guage of wire, 240 - 12 volt conversion and stuff like that.... 

I have seen some wonderful peoples inventions and creations on here and would like to start with my led chips..

Thank you


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5 years ago

WOW... Thank you..



5 years ago

If you have never done any serious soldering do the basic training what we used in school:
Take a good lenght of copper wire, around 1mm in diameter, smaller diameter if you can't find anything suitable.
Cut about 2.5m and put one end in a vice.
Grab the other end with some pliers and stretch the wire a bit so it is really straight.
Put it on a flat surface and cut it into 10cm long pieces.
Now use those pieces to solder a cube of 10x10cm.
You can go fancy once you got the hang and add additional wires to divert the cube to 5x5cm cubes forming the big cube.

It is a good training for the hand eye coordination you will need for more serious projects and also helps you to develop the skill to properly solder wires at a 90° angle.
For the cube to look good you need all wire pieces at the same lenght to start with.
That is for all outside corners.
The wires diverting them should shortened by the diameter of the wire so they fit between the already soldered wires without overlapping.
I forgot the length for the diagonal wires but you can either simply calculate them or put the wire into place and cut to the lenght.
Once you got a good looking cube with small and tidy solder joints you are good to go for most hobby soldering jobs.


5 years ago

You can start by using the search function at the top of the page. It works pretty well.

Practice and clean wires is the secrete to soldering,

You can use fairly thin wire to carry 1050mA so don't worry too much. http://www.powerstream.com/Wire_Size.htm

if you want an absolute answer 29 gauge but it isn't hyper critical really.

To run your 10 watt LED your really going to need a constant current sypply, again you can search for the information here it has been covered several times.