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I would like to make a 20 strand Kumihimo braid. What is the pattern for this? Answered

I have a beadsmith square loom for Kumihimo braiding and it comes with a 10 strand flat braid pattern.  I would like to know how to weave a wider braid; 20 strands or more.  At the moment I am not so much interested in the pattern.



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first, ignore the square shape :-) ms makiko tada (the looms inventor) said that just lay out your 20 strands, half on top, half on bottom, same as you would for a 10 strand. from the center bottom, take the center two up to the center of the top, and bring the ones you just split to the bottom, to replace the ones you previously picked up (but leave a little room between them.) . the next outer pair does the same, (replacing the next outer pair above them) and then the next outer, until you get to the outside most pair, take the bottom ones up, and the top ones to the bottom, except you are going to take them to the middle of the warp. (where the very first pair of strands sat, and CROSS them, always the same way, left over right or right over left, does not matter, just do it the same way each time)
now start the process all over again.
the result will be a 20 strand, flat braid, everything braided on the horizontal. :-)
easy way, just go into any book store and look up any kumihimo braid book and look at "flat braids" and use 20 strands instead of the 8 or 16. trust me, it works, but you have to be extra picky with your tension, and weight, and layout. because it is reflected in the braid.


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Websearch for "kumihimo braid pattern 20" quickly found



Answer 2 years ago

I put 12 at top and 8 at bottom on a 24 slot kumihimo plate and it is not turning out right.i would greatly appreciate some help.