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I would love to know if there is a way to create a xenon flash unit that can be used over and over for the Print Gocco? Answered

At present the Print Gocco requires a flash with two single use bulbs for every screen to be created. Obviously, since Gocco's manufacturer is no longer making the bulbs, a new flash unit is needed to replace them and also eliminate the waste of each bulb.


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11 years ago

It SOUNDS possible, but you'd need to experiment a lot with it to get good results. The one-time use bulbs might have been used to make consumables to sell, or it might not be possible to get enough light in quickly enough to get the exposure you need. You can buy big Xenon tubes for sure. I don't know the Gocco process to comment much more. Can you post some pictures of what you have and explain the process ? Steve