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ID-2 connect to serial - usb output? Answered

Hello guys, 

I was thinking of buying an ID-2 RFID reader but I am not sure how to connect it to my PC. I was thinking of using a serial to USB cable. However, can someone tell me how to do this (I don't want any microcontrollers or arduinos).




Best Answer 8 years ago

From the datasheet
The module does not require a MAX232 type chip interface.
The module does not need an RS232 interface such as a MAX232 IC. The input pin7 goes to the computer
through a 4k7 resistor and the output goes to the computer through a 100R resistor.

...so buy a serial to USB cable, connect pin 2 of the Serial port to the output pin, and pin 3 to the input pin

Baud rate is 9600 at boot up, but can be changed.