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IDEA: Choose what shows in the activity feed Answered

I just thought of an idea for making the activity feed a bit less of a mess.
Instead of showing a member's activity and other members' activities on the member's page, why not have an option for sorting it? See the image.

A.O.H.I. - Activity on his Instructables. I just didn't have enough space...

I think there should be options for Most Recent, His Activity, & The Activity on his Instructables. This is somehow similar to the way that here, we can sort I'bles through Recent, Popular, & Most viewed. Recent should probably be the default.


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4 years ago

While I don't like the new update, I'm starting to get used to it. However, something like this is also annoying:

I can't find the screenshot that I took, but look at the amount of people that favorited this one I'ble: https://www.instructables.com/member/VMH0307/


Reply 4 years ago

Found it!:

Screenshot (209).png