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IKEA Bathroom furniture hack...can you help with the legs? Answered

I have an old set of drawers from IKEA for the bathroom. It has three drawers, and I think we bought it 15 years ago. It's laminate but I sanded it and painted it. The legs, however, are wooden blocks with metal screws that come out to adjust the height of the piece. The screws were once covered by metal covers. Here's a pic of a kitchen thingy that has the same thing (yes, too lazy to go take the pic, wait for it to go thru with dropbox, etc.). I've lost three of the four metal covers so all you see is the wood coming down then a longish screw.

What I thought I'd do is make somewhat flat polymer clay "stones" that stack with the screw that goes through them. I'd have to bake the clay with the screws, the "stones" in a stack, to make it work.

I had originally thought of using regulare stones and driling holes in them but It would be a disaster---they all need to be the same exact height or the cabinet will be wobbly.

Do you think I can do this?


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7 years ago

Yep! just make sure the clays are properly leveled (and look nice, mine looked like blobs). The things will finally look some what like small knobs. If the drawer has any open surface that shows wood, you need to finish them with a coat of white glue at least to make them durable.