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IKEA Furniture Answered

It would be interesting to hear about peoples experiences of IKEA and the furniture they sell. I live in Spain and regularly visit and buy from the IKEA Murcia store. I was reading the reviews on a website I stumbled across the other day which made me think. The site is http://www.madaboutikea.com and they review all manner of IKEA stuff and the stores as well. What do people think?


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6 years ago

I bought a Dining Room set from Ikea. 8 chairs, 2 China closet tops [with glass doors & shelves] and 2 bottoms [with doors], everything has to be assembled.

1 drawer unit & 1 dining table with 1 extension [they were already assembled]. That was 20 years ago and everything is still in excellent condition. The chairs are as tight as when I first put them together, I did recover the seat twice.