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INSTRUCTABLE not showing up? Answered

my intructable was puplished 6 hours ago and is not on the homepage under recent tab but i have received views from my followers what do i do should i wiat anylonger or report it to instructa?




4 years ago

No, just be patient. Sometimes an instructable gets flagged by the automatic filters for some reason. It could be just a particular word or string of words, who knows. Anyway it has to be reviewed by a live person to verify it has nothing objectionable before it is publicly published. Just takes time. And remember its a holiday season so it will take longer. They don't work 24/7. They have a lot of catching up to do.

Some have said the best time to publish an instructable is in the day on Tues, Wed, Thursday, that way it gets reviewed right away.

Tom HowbridgeVyger

Answer 4 years ago

thanks i have been reading up on that also when it does get puplish will it get published on the date they "verifiy it"