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IOT devices Answered


Please suggest some thoughts on the below: i am new to the IOT programming. just started learning with Intel Galileo Gen 2 board and Grove starter plus kit.

I have a question in mind.. How can we package all the pieces and make as a product.. mean.. lets say when i do the temperature control that uses temperature sensor and display value in RGB screen, how do i make it as a packaged product so that i can make it portable
instead of having the chips, wires etc..
 i have basic idea that we can use 9v battery and run on it, but my question is, are there any ways that we can wrap all the things into a component box or something? any simple ways..??


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5 years ago

When you build you probably have a setup using a breadboard, all kinds of wires and components are all over the place because you are prototyping. When you have a final design or something that works, you want to transfer it to a printed circuit board. You can optimize the wiring connections and placement of components using the circuit board design software like EagleCAD. You would even select the matching components which are available in surface mount soldered parts or through hole. IC chips come in different size packages too. You try to shrink everything down for cost and manufacturing.

But, for the DIYer that doesn't have access to a custom silicon wafer IC production machine, you will have to make do with acid etching a PCB in your bathroom sink, find a friend to 3D print your case or just start drilling out a cutting a candy tin to make your device. Good luck.