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IR triggered LED strobe? Answered

hey guys, im trying to make an IR(or other) triggered LED strobe. im including a you tube video so you can see what trying to make.  any suggestions?



Best Answer 8 years ago

It would be very straightforward to construct the circuit needed. The IR trigger would consist of an IR LED shining on an IR phototransistor. The circuit could be set up to trigger a 555 timer circuit to briefly flash some bright white LEDs on the BBs to make them glow.

I think that the most challenging part of trying to make a device like that shown would be to package it all inside a small tube. That device looks like it is only a bit larger than 1" in diameter, yet it must house a battery, the IR trigger circuit, and the light to shine on the BBs, with a bore down the center for the BBs. The battery must be a coin size rechargable battery. It would be interesting to see it taken appart.

If you are willing to compromise and make one with a somewhat larger diameter, you could more easily package it.

Also, I wonder what kind of life the battery has. It must be a fairly small battery.


Answer 8 years ago

the video wont embed for some reason but here is a link. this is for a different manufacturer but you can see it taken apart.  this one runs on AAA i think which is fine cause i dont really need it to be rechargeable. i like the idea of using 555 timers, i didnt even really think of that. you have an instructable in mind? im not that great with 555's
the outside wont be to hard to make, i could throw something like that together pretty quick, and size isn't so much an issue either.



Answer 8 years ago

In the video, there are 3 or 4 AAAs in the one end of the assembly, but the components in the other end are hidden behind a wrapping of electrical tape or heat shrink, so I can't tell exactly how that product is designed.

There should be tons of material about 555 timer related circuits both here and elsewhere on the web. My idea was that the 555 would just be used as a monostable or "one shot" that generates an output pulse of a certain lengh each time it is triggered by the IR circuit. The pulse would only need to be long enough to expose the BBs to the white LEDs while they are in the suppressor, and they would otherwise be off to conserve battery life.

I would utilize digikey for electronic components.

I also came across this link when searching the web. I'm not at all familiar with airsoft terminology, but I think the mod described here is for a specific airsoft rifle. It describes building the circuit into the gun itself.



7 years ago

both UV and blue LEDs work with the glow in the dark bb, also some tracer unit's dont carry an LED to "charge" the bb, its mainly that camera flash bulb thing, not quite sure what its called,. i currently own 2 of these one of which was taken apart due to a missfire inside the unit,

not really much help but some clue to how some are diffrent


8 years ago

Given that UV is quite effective at pumping glow-in-the-dark phosphors, I do wonder whether it'd be simpler to just pass the bb's past a high-intensity UV source...


Answer 8 years ago

i thought about getting one of the little battery operated black lights and using something like that but unless there's a way to conceal the light coming out of the barrel ill be a sitting duck in the playing field i might wind up doing something along these lines in the end unfortunately.


Answer 8 years ago

A good UV source doesn't have to put out much visible light. And the tracer isn't going to point straight to you once you start firing in any case; it's the closest thing to a "Shoot here!" sign you're going to get.