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IRCF 360 like 3d Motion sensor Answered

I want to make my own VR system. I'll be making an oculus rift like VR headset (courtesy: a brilliant instructable called Nova) but I need help making a 3D motion sensor.

Looked for many options but finally settled for IRCF 360 but the problem is there are not yet selling the sensor. So if anyone has any idea how to make one like it, please help. Thanx.

Here is the link for reference-



Antzy Carmasaic

4 years ago

I would suggest you to look around the Meant To Be Seen(MTBS) forums. They were there before oculus and have a lot of posts on DIY VR headsets. You can pick up some board which someone used in their build.

Link: http://www.mtbs3d.com/phpBB/

VirajS1Antzy Carmasaic

Reply 4 years ago

Thanx bro, will see to it. Though do you think they can help with making a cheap 3d motion sensor?

Antzy CarmasaicVirajS1

Reply 4 years ago

I'd say go for the good professional boards. I don't mean to hamper your maker spirit but I think making a board from scratch with very close SMD parts and traces isn't your goal. If your aim is to make a great VR experience, go for the tried and tested ones.

If you want to go the cheaper way, it will take some hard work. I suggest you do your reading first. Look up all there is to know about gyros and accelerometers. Here's a good starting point:


Once you are confident you know everything, every term, every jargon, every value and what they mean, then start looking for cheaper alternatives. Some will look the same but lack something important for you. So read the specifications and datasheets. You'll be wasting more money if you order something that doesn't fit your need. Once you find a cheaper version that has EVERTHING you need, shout out Bingo! :)