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Iaido techniques Answered

Who has looked at my intractable for iaido techniques? If you have do you have some input on how I can make it easier to understand?



12 years ago

Diagram the path of the blade-where the tip, guard and hilt go with a 'motion line' so that we can see if it is a strike (like an axe) or a cut (where the blade is pulled or pushed during the blow). Clear video, without distracting background, from two or more angles, with slow (practice) and quick (full speed) uses. Or diagrams showing what goes where in what order. Sorry, I'm a visual/kinetic learner. Just words don't help much : )

jtobakoPat Sowers

Reply 12 years ago

You chose a difficult thing to make an instructable about : ) Body movements don't have a simple, common language to describe them. Note the word 'common'-I realize that within each discipline there is a way to choreograph movements but there isn't one that you can expect someone to know without specialized training.