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I'd like to replace 2 c batteries with solar cells, to run a toy? Where can I buy the solar cells? Answered

How much solar power do I need (do I need to measure both watts and Amps)? Where can I purchase the solar cells, inexpensively? This is for sunlight use, only. If I want to store the energy for nighttime use, also, what will I need?


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12 years ago

I go to a store called Orvac Electronics. They have some solar cells for $10 each. I believe the solar cells at their best produce 1.5 volts each. For storing the power I had luck with rechargable batteries. You can just go to target and buy some solar lamps and tear them apart. inside you will find a solar cell and a battery. that battery is rechargable. learn how the solar panel is connected to the battery. you will probably need some solder to hook the batteries to the cars battery terminals. I can't tell you how much watts and amps you need because I don't know the toy or he brand. You should be able to find the amps and volts on the web. tell me if the works by dropping a comment on my home thing here. I hope you know what I mean. put a comment in my inbox. hope I helped -MiiWii3


Answer 12 years ago

Definitely, 2 C cells will put out anywhere between 2.5 and 3.5 volts. You just need to match that voltage. The amperage depends on the toy Electronics with lights and sounds will be pretty small, less than 500mA. With motors much more, up to full amps.

a system like this has all what you need:


its a 3 watt solar charger, with attached lithium battery. Unfortunately 50 dollars, (shipping in) but its a lot less work.

5-volt 300 ma version...26 dollars