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I'd like to use the camera and screen from a cellphone to make a mini security system? Answered

I'd like to isolate the camera and screen(s) from a cellphone to make a mini security system. The camera is tiny, and can capture motion. THe power usage is small. The screens are small enough to be discreet. I can use wires.



10 years ago

The camera runs through the microchips within the phone they must stay to make it work,but you can make the wires longer .ie remove the camera from the phone and make the wires as long as you like and reconnect again..


Answer 7 years ago

Well yes it's possible but you need extremely thin solder iron and tips, the dots on the camera where the pins meet aren't very easy to solder to. Plus the cameras are more like a removable chip instead of wired


9 years ago

hi i am also trying to do this! i am looking at finding out which metal strip is linked to on the clip in connector that connects camera and mother board! although i am not trying to record just see on the phone screen what the camera is seeing!! could you poss let me know how you got on?? please