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Hi, I have an idea that I want to see come into fruition. I have the general idea of it figured out in my head, yet the lack of knowledge in key areas, and other projects, prevents me from completing it, although I would love to see it built.
It goes as follows,
   By using the power of mice, construct an apparatus that functions in either one of two ways.
The first way would use an exercise wheel (bought, or made) with magnets attached that would in turn power a fan in a column that would suck the air from the bottom of the enclosure to the top through a filter. I'm not sure how magnets work, but I know that they're used to create current which is what is needed.
The second method would employ 3d printed gears to crank the fan round and round.
Both would be made with a series of tubes, much like the internet, that would make it suck more. :]



7 years ago

This is a good idea as an intellectual exercise, but if you have a wire top on the cage the mice will have plenty of ventilation.

They don't really like drafts such as a fan would create, they are happier with a snug plastic box-type cage (plus nest) with a wire mesh top.


Reply 7 years ago

Oh yeah, if you are concerned about odor, using 1/8 inch corncob bedding and changing it weekly will help tremendously. The cob has natural odor control that shredded paper bedding just can't match.

The mice will still want & need a small amount of paper to shred and turn into a nest.


Odors not a problem, I use wood shavings and change it once a week, although I might give corncob a try. I don't think that it would cause to much of a draft, more of letting fresh air circulate throughout. I also just thought it would be a neat idea.
For their nest I've put in a piece of deadwood with scraps of cloth layered on top of it so they can use it as a tent.