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Idea: drive your paper dream car! Answered

Here's an idea I had but realistically won't have time to work on.

Okay, so there are these things called kit cars that have been around for years.  Basic idea being, you put a cooler looking body on your regular everyday car.  Neat idea but even the cheap ones start about 3 grand!  That's a lot of money for a raw chunk of fiberglass to add to car not worth half that.  Also there are other disappointments like: good luck getting the exact design you want that just happens to fit your make/model.

Now in seemingly unrelated news these cosplay people have figured out how to (ab)use some software called pepakura to print out life-sized paper models of swords and armor and stuff.  Then to make them useable they fiberglass them, bondo and paint... HEY!  WAIT A MINUTE!  That's all car autobody stuff!

You see where I'm going with this.

Thus, therefore, and in conclusion my suggestion is that you do the following:
1) Watch "The Hero Tutorials" on youtube.  Pretty much the definitive guide for the paper cosplay thing.
2) Print out a lifesize copy of the batmobile or whatever and tape it to your car.
3) Do the autobody thing for tedious weeks on end.
4) Post an instructable in a contest I'm entered in and swipe the prize right from under my nose.
5) I feel sad at having become the instrument of my own undoing... yet console myself over the fact that the net awesomeness of the universe has increased significantly.


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