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Idea: motorized cocktail shaker (for a real Ramos Gin Fizz) Answered

There are a couple of motorized martini shakers on the market, but neither of them shake hard enough. I'd like to make one that would simulate the actual motion of a good bar tender. The traditional way to make a Ramos Gin Fizz requires shaking it for 12 minutes. I don't have that kind of endurance. For a martini, I'd like the machine to shake hard enough to chip the ice and leave frost floating in the drink.

1. I'm wondering if an electric drill would be capable of driving this thing with modifying the gearbox. I have no experience creating or modifying gearboxes and would like to avoid that if possible.

2. Anyone out there have (or want to make) a good video of a bartender shaking the hell out of a cocktail? (There is a difference between a casual and an agressive shake.) It needs to be from a perspective perpendicular to the plane of motion. This will allow me to trace the path and recreate it in CAD software.

3. The most exciting thing about this is designing the elliptical mechanism that would produce the realistic shake. I've never done animation in SketchUp. Can it handle gears and levers? Is there something else that you recommend? (no windows software please)

I'd love any suggestions you have on any part of this.


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9 years ago

I guess you could design something like a car or motorcycle engine but one of the pistons would comprise of a mixing container. You want rapid up and down motion. Maybe do it with compressed air firing at both ends or bounce it back and forth in a tube. Create a coil gun type of mechanism and shoot the container forward and have it recoil on a spring at the other end. Paint mixing machines work with vibrations but I don't think it does the violent shake you are designing it for. Good luck.