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Ideas? Answered

Hallo,I want to will the pocket sized contest really bad, but I don't have any ideas left.
Every suggestion i welcome.


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8 years ago

For the pocket sized contest, try and think of things that YOU like that don't currently fit into your pocket, and then make the item so that it does fit into your pocket. I know thats not a "specific" suggestion, but I think a member has a better chance of winning when they are passionate about their project and have put in the necessary time to making it a good one; and then documenting the steps to make it (along with good photos). If you merely make something for the sake of winning, it might not be your best effort, so work on things that truly interest YOU, or will make YOUR life easier/better etc.

I hope that helps. ;-)


Answer 8 years ago

+1, also why would anyone give up an idea? Particularly if they thought it had a chance at winning.

Don't make for the sake of prizes and recognition. Those will come when you put your heart and all your effort into a project you love. And it's so much more rewarding when you accomplish something off your own merits.