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Ideas To Build A Cheap Tree house??? Answered

Ok, I'm building a tree house, so far I have my Frame and Floor Joists up on my 8x8 Tree House. Now I need Walls and Floor and ceiling and do not want to have to pay 30 $ for Plywood or 75 $ for decking. I already know I could use pallets for the floor, but what about the ceiling, and walls? Try to suggest something under 40 $ Thanks



5 years ago

I am using slabs which cost around $20 or less at a saw mill and the ceiling I would buy 2x6 or use cedar posts for the frame and get 2x4 or 2x6 for the ceiling and roof... Depending on where you live get tin if it snows bad in winter or shingles if you live in a warm climate with very few snow storms.


7 years ago

I'm in Hasur in Greenland. We have built a world's largest treehouse. To make it we spent $1000.But we are having great fun with our parents and friends. We have the best facilities such as internet,touch screen security system and many more. If u don't beileve , search us in Greenland.


8 years ago

I built a treehouse over the summer with friends.
Make a sturdy bottom, And use tarp for the 'walls', and for the ceiling do the same as the bottom, but make it all tie together.

Ricardo Furioso

8 years ago

1. Check Craigslist Free listings every day for free plywood or other free wood.
2. Ask all your neighbors and friends to be on the lookout for plywood.
3. Watch for home renovations in your area (houses with big dumpsters out front) for free windows and doors.
4. Also look for corrugated tin or fiberglas panels that make great roofs.
5. On our treehouse we bought 2 x 6 boards and ripped them down to 2 x 3 boards on the table saw. This is both lighter and cheaper than 2 x 4 lumber. And weight is an issue in treehouse building.
Also. If you have help from kids, screws and battery screw guns are FAR easier to handle than hammers and nails. Which is counterintuitive, but we learned the hard way.
We built our treehouse in the wintertime in our garage in four panel pieces, and then moved it into the tree in the springtime.
This gave us the chance to paint the panels inside and outside with recycled paint from the recycle center.
The recycle center or dump is a great place to find building materials, including plywood.
Hope this helps.