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Ideas and a Question Answered

I have a couple of suggestions for new instructables features. Here they are.

1. Add a button for rating the difficulty of an instructable, and one for how long it takes. Put them beside the rating buttons.

2. Let me add groups to my favourites.

3. Create somewhere where people can sell their creations, kinda like etsy -- Loads of people are selling stuff on etsy, and could be doing it right on instructables.

***NEW IDEA*** 4. Find some way to get rid of the ads. They keep confusing me.

And finally, a question:

Is there anywhere where I can buy an instructables multi-tool or shirt? Or do I have to win one? If there's no shop, there should be one.


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13 years ago

I like your first idea, don't care much about the second, and as for the third: Instructables is about teaching others how to do what you did, not selling what you did.

There is a store for the shirts, stickers, and patches. As for the multi tools, they are just laser engraved leathermans...I don't think there's a way to have them engrave something for you, unless you visit them, or go to the maker faire.


Reply 13 years ago

Thank you both! Disappointing about the leathermans, though... that's what I really wanted.