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Ideas for minecraft? Answered

Well I've got minecraft but I dont play online so, I usually like to build cool things to mess with like connecting islands via an underwater railway. However I'm running out of ideas of things to build. Post ideas of things to build below or post cool screenshots of things you've built and I'll add them to the idea list.

-Build a glass ball filled with lava in the sky.
-Use binvox to convert 3d objects into minecraft schematics.
-Use the new note blocks and create a circuit system that plays "The Entertainer."


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9 years ago

Throughout the day all kinds of fun things to build in minecraft pop up in my mind. On our own private server I keep a whole list of "things to do", for I have so many ideas and I can't decide which one to do next. I'll share you my to do list, maybe there is something you like.

-1 to 1 pickaxe model. Not new, but okay.
-A pyramid. Maybe one of those Aztec models, they are sort of more detailed than the Egyptian ones
-A skyscraper. A really tall one.
-A small house. For a change, something that isn't huge.
-The tower bridge, complete with walkways for pedestrians and minecarts for the road.
-A 1 to 1 chest model. Could act as a bank of sorts.
-The Euromast.
-A fully automated train station. (My current project, quite complicated.)
-A library. We have book shelves, but more bookshelves in a central building would be nice.
-An arena. Just started on this one, it's oval and inspired by the Colloseum in Rome. It's 142 by 87 blocks, really massive.
-An automated bank. Complicated but very nice. Inspired by this German vid:
-A cathedral. Nothing too special, but I think I'll build it after the Notre Dame in Bayeux.
-An aircraft carrier. Just finished this one, I could show pictures if you want to.
-A submarine. Since I had the carrier, I decided I wanted a sub too.
-A generic castle. Nothing unique, but every server needs at least one.
-A hotel. Was halfway on this when our admin decided we had to move it away.
-A dock. You know, for boats.
-A 1 to 1 spider model. Difficult, but not out of the ballpark.
-A nintendo DS. Since I saw the PSP on Minecraft's main site, I thought a DS wouldn't be too difficult. A little more difficult than the regular PSP though.


9 years ago

that 3rd one....... post a vid if u get that to work