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Ideas for setting up a stand in a little event? Answered

So i am getting a chance to set up a stand in a 'Carnival'.
so any ideas? the audience is 10 to 16 year olds.



Best Answer 6 years ago

Toss a bean bag, ping-pong ball, or small potato at a target with holes. You could theme it to whatever theme the carnival is or to whatever is popular with the 10-16 crowd. (Ex: for Halloween, a plastic fly tossed at a large cardboard bat's open mouth). If you want to get wild, some LEDs and bells could go off when the player scores.

It should be really cheap to make, since the target could be made from cardboard and decorated with paint.

For prizes, grab bag items from the party store or home-made cookies?


6 years ago

Splat the rat!


6 years ago

Wheel of fortune

Bottle sale

Video game stall

Low cost jewellery

Mouse roulette (a table with an edge - Each player bets on their sector of the table a mouse, cockroach, frog etc is released from a cup in the middle of the table - the sector it enters first is the winner - say 10% of the takings.)

You are one awesome instructables memeber.

i am seriously considering video game stall but any other ideas that involve computers or electronics