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Identification needed! Answered

Hi there,

I'm messing around with a cheap Chinese camera I got a while back and was looking to replace the rather poor camera with a nicer, clearer one. I'm a complete newbie at doing this as this is as far as I can get!!
It seems there is a clip in camera for the circuit board but now I have no idea how to search for another compatible one to buy online. I've typed in 'camera circuit board replacement' and 'clip in camera part' etc. etc. but to no avail.
Here are some also rather poor images of the camera in question but hopefully it's enough for someone to point me in the right direction of another replacement module that would snap in and work! Thanks!



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8 years ago

Never really heard of a modular digital camera or where you can swap out a motherboard to upgrade it. The reason they are cheap because they are designed as one unit and "disposable". You buy a whole new camera to upgrade which is cheaper and better. That said, probably not much you can do to salvage the parts from one either.


Reply 8 years ago

Ah ok. Thanks for the info!