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Identify easily Russian letters (on vintage electronic tubes for instance) and a lot of other letters Answered

((I wanted to post that as an instructable but indeed it's not really a project so as seamster said, it belongs to the forum, I hope it will be useful ;) ))

I like symbols and letters and alphabets a lot !

[bla bla bla if you want to read all the stuff I was saying: https://www.zerobin.net/?94233ecec289eaf1#h/8pT8cAlxplvQJNn3ql9K8T8PBa36e13btxF40yu/Q=]

When I'm a bit lost understanding something (might be a word, an acronym or some letters I'd like to understand how they sound).

I go to translate.google.com (I think and hope there are others services, if you know some alternatives, please post, I'd love to see the alternatives) and I choose the language I'd like to see the keyboard of.

Then I press the virtual keyboard button on the base of the input box to make a virtual keyboard appear, this virtual keyboard contains the disposition and letters from the language I chose, may it be Russian, Greek, Yiddish, Khmer (Cambodge), Corean or other.

Sadly there is no available Japanese or Chinese keyboards available now, which is a shame :'(

That's all for today/night and I hope it might be useful to some people

PS: If you have any ideas on what I could do out of those фэу-35 scintillator tubes, please post ;)


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