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Identify specific vehicle & counting Answered

hi all, I am new to here.

I am working as web developer & we make IT solutions in various technical field. like cctv, etc.

Now I have client & he need to create some system.

Need to identify specific vehicle using No plate or I can set to some device to vehicle.

Then that vehicle pass some specific point ( this point is not change. Fixed point ) our system need to count no of times these vehicle are passed this point.

After these data need to get via computer programme. I can wire Network cable or other cable.

Have any idea how can do this ?

please help me. sorry for bad English. hope you understand.


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6 years ago

Depending on the distance active or even passive RF ID tags might work.

Number plate recognition using a cam works too but requires good cams, software and always the right light available.

Bluetooth is another option and even a simple IR tranmitter / receiver combo would do the trick.

Basically leaves only the right software for your needs, but I am afraid this means coding your own.


Reply 6 years ago

Thanks for your valuable ansewer.