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Identifying Sliders and Knobs on circuit board M-audio Axiom 49 Answered

Hello there,

I broke 4 of my sliders of my M-audio Axiom 49 and bended 5 Precision rotary knobs. I tried to order new parts at M-audio but they discontinued the production of the 1ste generation of M-audio Axiom 49 keyboard controllers and they cannot deliver the goods.

So opened this sucker up and just googled Pots B10k and to my amazement I found a website with all these Precision Potentiometers.


I mean 1000, I went looking for what I needed. The only problem is everything looks the same, I don't see any part numbers that could identify the parts on my board.

So I was thinking I should ask some one who has and eye for this and is much smarter than me :)

Can you help me identify the type of Precision Potentiometers on the boards you see on the pictures I posted.-->(sorry for the bad quality)


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7 years ago

Hey Caitlinsdad & Josehf,

I am sorry for the latre response and thanks so much for your support. I have been following leads where I could order parts and eventually end up with nothing. I was thinking of soldering the sliders and rotary.

the sliders are indeed 10k, but I can't find any on the rotary Precision Potentiometers.

Thanks so much for your help and I will keep you up to date.


Josehf Murchison
Josehf Murchison

7 years ago

Well If I see the slides right they have 10k in black ink that is 10,000 ohm

The rotary Precision Potentiometers will have something the same ether printed on the outside of the plastic or stamped in the metal parts. It could be on the edge, the back, or the front of the potentiometer. It may be in white, black, red, or any color.

What you are looking for is a number followed by a letter or s symbol like Ω

They may look like this:


This marking is the resistance value of the component.

Then you need the physical dimensions to get the replacement part.

At Mouser in the filters I selected
Product = Slide Potentiometers Resistance = 10 kOhms
Termination Style = Through Hole

In Description was

Slide Potentiometers 30mm TRVL LINEAR 10K AMBER LED PC MOUNT

They have 20, 30, and 45 mm travel

Next go to the data sheet and confirm the dimensions.

if you need more help PM me


7 years ago

Your best bet would to be find some electronics geek nearby, even a car mechanic, someone with a multi-meter. You can then check the resistance values and if they are audio or linear taper sliders. The turn pots may be rotary encoders. Doesn't seem like schematics are out on the web.