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I....don't know how to sew...at all, how to? Answered

Ahaha, as embarrassing as this sounds I have no clue how to do anything with sewing. I don't even know the basic stitches(I think its called??) or how to sew together pieces. Can anyone give me the basics of sewing? I really want to sew together these cat ears, their felt, and I don't know how. What should I use? Thanks so much! 



Best Answer 8 years ago

It isn't complicated, but it's a lot easier to demonstrate than to describe. I'd really recommend getting a friend to show you the basics one-on-one.

Note that for quick costuming purposes, you don't necessarily need to be able to sew. For example, I've seen hot glue guns used to assemble fabric projects. That isn't as precise or as durable, and it probably wouldn't hold up to either laundering or dry-cleaning, but for a set of cat ears it might well be Good Enough.

(I don't sew well. I can do basic repairs. On the other hand, I have successfully constructed a floor-length tunic during a "your first piece of period garb in one day" workshop, so I can also attest that putting together a project isn't very different from doing basic repairs -- though for that I had the advantage of working from someone else's design specifically intended for beginners, and of having a sewing machine available which speeds up the process and makes it less tiring.)


I would be able to help you out on that but I don`t know how to start a second step on my instructable


8 years ago

Check out some of the Instructables your question has flagged down on the right of the screeen.