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If I am replacing a capacitor is it better when the microfarad rating is 1600 to use a 2200 at the same voltage? Answered

I'm currently trying to fix my Xbox One power supply. I'm curious about the microfarad rating for my Xbox power supply I have discovered a bad capacitor and now I'm looking to replace the blown capacitor with a new one from my Xbox 360 power supply but it is 2200 microfarads instead of 1600 microfarads I was wondering is it acceptable to replace them with the 2200 rating instead of a 1600 rating. I also have a 1200 rated on all of these are 16V.


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1 year ago

Depends on what it is used for.
To filter ripple it wouldn't make a difference.
If the capacitor is for anything else but to provide a stable and smooth DC you might get troubles.
Considering it is a power supply you should be fine IMHO to use 2200µF instead of 1600µF.