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If I have a solar panel that gives 6 volts, what kind of capacitor should I use? Answered

I have never used capatiors and I've read about them. But I'm not sure what is the right kind to use.
Heres what I want:
solar panel (6 Volts) --------> Capactior ( What kind?) --------------> 2 way switch -------------> 6 volt LED


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11 years ago

I would not put a capacitor there.
A capacitor will block DC voltage.  It can only allow AC voltage to pass.  It is used, for example, to pass a signal or information to an amplifier circuit.  You don't say what the end purpose is supposed to accomplish, but normally a resistor is used to protect an LED from burnout by over voltage.  The closer you get to an LED's maximum voltage capacity, the shorter it's lifespan is going to be.  A capacitor might be used if your intent was to assemble a frequency generator of some sort to cause the LED to blink, but that may be a whole 'nother kettle of fish.   David547