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If I want to publish my own cards to sell, how do I go about printing them so it's affordable? Answered

I am starting my own card company. I have, on Photoshop, put together about ten different cards that I want to print. I plan on selling these through some of the local businesses in my city. Everything's is working out in these areas but there is one problem: how and from whom do I print them?


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11 years ago

You have to do some shopping and let the different prints in your area bid on your job. Nowadays you should think about using an online printer. Create a card using the colors and type of illustration you have on yours but change the wording to nonsense words so that you don't give your idea away. Show the card to the printers that you want to bid and choose the paper stock you want to use. Find out about printing time, payschedule etc. Pick the winner and give them the job. It wouldn't be a bad idea to line up a few businesses who are willing and able to place your cards in their shops. That way you have an idea of how many cards to start out with. Competing for space for greeting cards can be difficult. The bigger card producers are able to offer more benefits to the shop owner than the smaller producers but that doesn't mean you can't get space. Good luck.