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If I wanted to make a homemade gel-cell or or AGM battery, what materials would I need? Answered

I am thinking of building a homemade UPS (two actually) for use in my home. We have very bad power spikes and drops, and I have gone through 5 power strips in 4 months. My first thought was simply an off the shelf inverter and some lead acid (gel or AGM) batteries... but then I thought, why not go all out and make it all homemade? I know I can make an inverter myself, but have never attempted to cobble together a battery of any sort (unless you go back a couple decades and count the potato battery). I'm planning on making the UPS my first instructable, and would love to include (or have a second instructable on) the homemade battery as well. I'd want something that is deep cycle and which can support 1kw of continuous load pretty much 24/7 (assuming it is on the mains being recharged constantly).



10 years ago

I'm going to post a potentially useless answer, since I don't have any advice about building your own battery (other than "lead plates and sulfuric acid"). However, I would recommend obtaining a commercial battery for the testing phase...it would eliminate a possible problem source for diagnosing problems with the inverter.


Answer 10 years ago

Not a bad idea, and probably something I would have thought of myself in the midst of the project... but then again maybe not. I've been doing a lot of research into sealed gel-cell and AGM batteries the past week or so, and have a slightly better idea how to go about it... but am still hoping for a bit of expert advice from someone who has a bit of experience.